Andrew Phoenix

Who am I?

Born in Manchester at the end of the 60's, I grew up in what has become the footballers county in Cheshire and then in Oldham. I left the clutches of the north and went to Kingston University and ended up in the IT Industry. I have been married to my soulmate for nearly 20 years and have 3 amazing children.

I have also spent the last 20+ years involved in martial arts and alternative healing systems. Initially studying Tai Chi and Yoga and eventually teaching my own Tai Chi class. I also trained as a Holistic Massage therapist and BUQI healer. Today I am engaged in Aikido and still practice everything else I have learnt along the way. In particular I am drawn to the work of Wim Hoff (The Iceman) and Sadhguru for his plain and direct message of yoga practice and enlightenment.

Why Hemp?

My venture in to the Hemp industry is driven by a desire to use what I have learnt at the corporate level and apply it to an emerging market that is focused on health and sustainability. But also as I approach a half century I have increasingly become aware of how the nations health has been undermined by a cycle of pharmaceutical dependency, poor quality diets and how the desire for profit has resulted in a range of products that are quite simply an environmental disaster.

I have seen how family and friends have been affected by cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, mental health, unsatisfactory healthcare advice, poor quality products and I fear for the future that my kids will have to grow up in. So with the remaining half century of my life approaching, I wanted to make a difference and promote what I believe to be one of the most resourceful plants in nature, one that can in so many ways address all of these issues. But also offers a way for people to live their lives and consume products without being a detriment to themselves, those around them and the environment in which we live.

I then set out to discover who was selling hemp products in the UK, what products are they selling, how can these products be produced sustainably and understand what business opportunities exist for somebody new to enter the market.

So I hope you find Hemporium UK a useful and interesting resource and hope you enjoy the journey.