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Hemporium UK is dedicated to the promotion of all things Hemp. Hemp has been used by humans for over 8,000 years and used to provide food, healing, building materials, clothing, textiles, fuel and paper to the local and wider community. Earliest signs showing use of hemp in China and over time its use has spread across Asia and Europe. It is only in the last 100 years since the industrialisation and globalisation of oil based products, coupled with the legal classification of cannabis that we had almost seen Hemp disappear altogether. But the continuing challenges faced by humanity require us to do something different.

It is our belief that Hemp can address both of these concerns with products that can be consumed with little impact on the environment and deliver a positive reduction in greenhouse gases, but also nutritional and healing qualities that humans have been using for over 8,000 years. We need to invest in crops that provide the greatest yield per acre with the greatest range of products that can be grown across the broadest environmental conditions.  

Hemp Business

Hemp Crops

Hemp is one of the most sustainable plants that nature has to offer, working in harmony with the environment to collect huge amounts of CO2 and retain excellent Soil health. As well as provide the raw materials to provide the everyday products we consume.

Hemp Health

Hemp Seed/oil has the most complete balance of essential fatty acids, Omega-6 and Omega-3 in a perfect 3:1 ratio. Hemp seed/oil also contains all 20 amino acids and is packed full of Cannabinoids to support a healthy and nutritious food supplement free from toxins (pesticides not required) and associated chronic inflammation that lies behind all modern diseases.

Hemp Supply Chain

Hemp pioneers have struggled for the last 20+ years trying to bring Hemp products to market, now the market is changing and regulation is making it possible for greater numbers of growers and processors to enter the market.

But who are the players in the UK supply chain and what products and services do they provide?

How do we enable entrepreneurs to enter the market with a wealth of accurate data, access to scientific research and market analysis to help them develop commercially viable business opportunities?

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